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Vashikaran Mantra for Love

Vashikaran Mantra for Love or love spells are used to control someone whom you love or want him to love and marry you. If you are in love with someone and want to get him back and married to him, you can use these powerful shabar mantra for vashikaran or love spells to make him under your control. This is strongly recommended not to use these mantras against mankind.
It should also be kept in mind that success in vashikaran spells or using a vashikaran mantra is never guaranteed. Always remember that God is supreme to all. Luck and circumstances always matters. If somebody is giving you the guarantee for any type of vashikaran or love spells then he is wrong and making you fool. Use your mind and take right decision.
Mantras works under the powers of its deity (ies) and deities are not our servants. They are independent supernatural forces, free to accept or reject your prayer or ritual. Any work which is being done in the interest of humanity will bring fruitful result but if you are trying to use a vashikaran mantra just to get someone for your benefit, it may bring dire consequences before you. Further, it is also suggested not to use evil powers, thoughts or cleverness to bring your dreams come true. It will bring dark future to you nothing else. So be careful.
Beget true love in one’s heart for you is vashikaran. Why our parents fulfill all our wishes, why are they always ready even to die for our welfare? Because they are under powerful emotions in terms of love for us. They are under us. This is vashikaran. This is love. So, vashikaran is creating love, a beautiful feeling to be with someone, always.

1. काम पिशाच वशीकरण मन्त्र (For both man and woman)
ऐं सह वल्लरि क्लीं कर क्लीं कामपिशाच
अमुकीं काम ग्राह्य स्वप्ने मम रूपे नखे विदारय
द्रावय द्रावय इद महेन बन्धय बन्धय श्री फट।
1. Kaam pishach vashikaran mantra (for both males and females)
Aim sah vallari kleem kar kleem kaampishach “amuki” kaam grahay swapane mam rupe nakhe vidaray dravay dravay ed mahen bandhay bandhay sree phat.
Procedure: – Read this mantra in the multiple of 108 times daily for 15 days facing north direction at midnight and up to the sunrise being naked. Use the desired person name in place of “amuki”. If you are a lady and want your love or ex under your control use “kaampishachi” in place of kaampishach and “your lover name” in place of “amuki”. Soon he or she will be under your control. When he comes to you, be normal and make him to marry you. WARNING: This mantra is one of devil vashikaran mantras. Please do not start it without our guidance. It may harmful to you.

2. Om bhagwati bhag bhaag dayini devdanti mam vashyam kuru kuru swaha.
Procedure: – This mantra is used to control a lady. Use her name name in place of “devdanti”. Energize the salt seven times by this mantra on Thursday in pleasing manner and give it to the lady in food. Soon the lady will get attracted towards you.

3. Kala kalua chausath veer, taal bhaagi tor
jahan ko bheju, vahi ko jaye, maas majja ko shabad ban jaye
apna mara, aap dikhay, chalat baan maru, ulat mooth maru
maar maar kalua, teri aas chaar,
chaumukha deeya, maar baadi ki chaati
itna kaam mera na kare to tujhe mata ka doodh piya haraam.
Procedure: – A lady, whom you want under your control, take earth of her left foot. Energize it with this mantra 7 times and drop on her head cleverly. She will get attracted and be under your control soon.

4. Vashikaran by using Cardamom (for both males and females)
Om namoh kala kalua, kaali raat
nish ki putli majhi raat
kala kalua, ghaat baat
sota/soti jo jagay laao
baitha/baithi ko uthaay laao
khada/khadi ko chalaay laao
mohini yogini chal, raaj ki thaau
amuk/amuki ke tan me chatpati lagaao
jiya le tod, jo koi elaichi hamari khave
kabhi na chhoray hamare saath
ghar ko taje, baahar ko taje
hame taj aur kane jaai
to chhaati phaat turant mar jaai
satya naam adesh guru ka
meri bhakti guru ki shakti
phuro mantra ishwaro vacha.
Procedure: – Energize the cardamom seven times using this mantra and give it to the boy/girl in food or direct cleverly. He/She will be in love with you soon.
5. Vashikaran by using sweets (for both males and females)
Om namoh adesh kamakhya devi ko
jal mohu, thal mohu,
jangal ki hirni mohu
baat chalta batohi mohu,
darbar baitha raja mohu, palang baithi rani mohu,
mohini mero naam, mohu jagat sansaar,
tara tarila totla, teeno basay kapaal
sir chadhe matu ke, dushman karu pamaal
maat mohini devi ki duhaai
phure mantra khudaai.
Procedure: – Read the mantra 108 times and energize the sweet with it. whomsoever, you will give it to eat, he or she will be under your control.
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